SCOTT Portable LCD TV 16:9 7"(17 cm) M TV70

Watch your TV programs on a trip with the LCD 7" 16:9 M TV70 mini television with super features.This small LCD television has, like his bigger friends, 1440 x 234 pixels and a multi-system tuner with PAL SECAM.The M TV70 also allows you to choose the 4:3 format in addition to the 16:9. Its connectivity includes an audio/video entry, very practical to connect a DVD player or a games console.Compact and practical, the M TV70 is perfect wherever you go!Dimensions of the article: 7˝ x 4ľ x 1"(19 x 12 x 2.5 cm)Dimensions of screen: 7" in diagonal, meaning 6Ľ" of width and 3˝" height.

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